2018 Spring Conference

The Forest Lakes District will welcome Knute Larson as our 2018 Spring Conference speaker.  Knute coaches pastors and churches, drawing on 41 years experience as senior pastor at two churches, the last 26 being at The Chapel, in Akron, Ohio. 

His coaching majors on pulpit, leadership, and daily grace.  He works closely with three churches as adjunct staff, coaches five others every month, and meets regularly in groups with pastors of the Great Lakes and Forest Lakes Districts.  Other teaching includes D. Min courses at Trinity and Grace seminaries, as well as pastoral courses at Moody.  He has authored three books and two commentaries, and is a graduate of both Grace and Trinity seminaries.

Knute and his wife Jeanine live in Sawyer, Michigan. They are parents of two married daughters in the Chicago area, and have three grandchildren.