Helping Pastors Become Effective Leaders

My transitional pastorates convinced me that other factors being equal, the disciple-making effectiveness of our churches is dependent on the leadership effectiveness of our pastors. Many skills are important for pastors but leadership is a critically important skill which most of us didn’t learn in seminary.

Many observers agree that persons in roles like mine can best serve their churches by helping their pastors become more effective as leaders. For me personally, becoming an effective leader was a long, hard struggle. I want to speed up and sweeten up that process for the pastors of the FLD. Here’s how…

The TOOLS Plan For Helping Pastors And Churches

The term “TOOLS” means that we’re seeking to help pastors become more effective at the hard work of leadership, and we want to give them some leadership tools to use for revitalizing their churches. In the first year of the TOOLS plan (2019), we saw eighteen pastors involved in three TOOLS groups in three areas of our district.

Each group meets monthly for 4-5 hours, does lots of homework, has a great deal of discussion and prayer and will learn a lot about leading their ministries to disciple-making success. Skill development, accountability and encouragement are built into the process.

Groups like this are life-changing, church-changing and world-changing.

Veteran pastors help me lead these groups. Some of these men will likely lead TOOLS groups in the future. The plan also provides the pastors with monthly coaching sessions via telephone, video conferencing or in person. Participants are also offered comprehensive assessments of their churches and follow up teaching of their leadership teams by the Church Leadership Catalyst (CLC).

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Brian Thorstad, FLD Church Leadership Catalyst

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Author of Heaven Help Our Church! and
Redevelopment: Transitional Pastoring That Transforms Churches