Benefits of Joining EFCA

Below are some of the numerous benefits of joining the Forest Lakes District of the EFCA. We pray that you'll find these beneficial as we seek to serve you for the sake of advancing the gospel throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula. 

Tax Exempt Status

Tax exempt status is given to all EFCA churches through the signing of a couple simple forms from our national office.

Retirement Investments

The EFCA has a well-respected 403(b)(9) retirement system that is operated by our in-house management group, FCMM. Furthermore, accounts with FCMM have a specialized designation by the IRS whereby investments and earnings can be used for housing allowance designations during your retirement. Some are skeptical that the housing allowance will be continued in the future by the IRS but most credible tax analysts say that current ministers will probably be grandfathered into the next iteration of the tax code.

Health Insurance

The EFCA has a formal arrangement with Guidestone Financial Resources where they offer high quality PPO health insurance. The uniqueness of Guidestone is that they are one of the only providers in the country that is authorized by the government to provide group health insurance for individuals and, therefore, can be paid tax free by your church. This insurance isn’t cheap but the coverage and customer service is excellent and it’s one of the best options available for churches with a solo pastor.

Long Term Disability Insurance

FCMM also offers Long Term Disability insurance to provide affordable insurance for pastors or for your church staff’s income should any of them become disabled. This policy provides the unique ability to include the pastor’s housing allowance as a part of salary when calculating the benefit, as well as including a benefit in case of spousal disability.

Financing for Building Projects

This benefit is provided by Christian Investors Financial (CIF) where they provide low interest financing for building projects for EFCA churches. Furthermore, the Forest Lakes District has a ministry called Solid Rock Builders where groups of workers from around the state work for free on your church’s building.


Professional-level coaching is provided for planters in the EFCA by Nate Hobert, who is one of the pastors of Redeemer City Church in Madison, WI.

Local Assessments

All of our required assessments for church planters take place within our district so there is no need to expensively fly somewhere and be away from your family. 

Fund Raising Training

Professional-level fund raising training is provided for planters in the EFCA by Aaron Morrow, who is one of the pastors of River City Church in Dubuque, IA.

Ministry Development

The Forest Lakes District provides ongoing development and training for their pastors through specialized training opportunities and cohorts throughout the year.

Districts Youth Conference

The Forest Lakes District has a well respected annual youth conference in Green Bay for high school and middle school students in early January. A few thousand students attend from around the state where speakers, worship, and workshops are offered. Past speakers include Francis Chan, Zane Black, etc.