District & Planter Covenants

The Forest Lakes District makes the following commitments to their church planters:

We are committed to helping to You succeed

This is a general commitment that is fleshed out in many of the other commitments below. The main point is that we are focused on supporting you in such a way that you, your family, and your church are healthy and flourishing over the long haul. 

We are committed to being connected with you

We are committed to being connected with you because the early years of church plating can often be overwhelming. Through online interaction, conferences, and organic relationships you will have the opportunity to connect and consult with the Forest Lakes District’s veteran staff as well as other planters in the district. Additionally, every church planter will be able to gather monthly with a LEAD Team, which is group of leaders from in and outside their church as a way to be supported and connected. 

We are committed to Equipping you 

We are committed to equipping church planters in ways that are helpful, practical, and personalized to your needs. This may include recommended readings, mentoring, boot camps, internships, and/or church planting residencies. 

We are committed to helping you get funded

We are committed to helping you get funded because money is the currency of the kingdom and you need funding to get your church off the ground. In light of that, we work hard at connecting planters with potential partner churches and opportunities to get trained in how to raise financial support.

we are committed to building trust with you 

We are committed to building trust with you because trust is the foundation of healthy long term partnerships. We realize that trust is built slowly over time but building trust is one of our primary objectives when it comes to supporting, equipping, and advising you. 

The Forest Lakes District asks all our church planters to make the following commitments:

I am Committed to the EFCA’s Statement of Faith

We are asking you to be committed to the EFCA’s statement of faith, which we take very seriously because it helps us hold onto historically rooted and orthodox beliefs in the midst of our shifting culture.

I am committed to becoming Ordained or Licensed with the EFCA

We are asking you to pursue ordination and licensure with the EFCA, which basically involves reading a few books, writing a paper, and discussing your paper with an ordination committee. In the EFCA, we want you to pursue ordination or licensure because it further deepens our collective alignment and accountability with each other. 

I am committed to living in alignment with the Gospel 

We are asking you to live your life in alignment with the gospel. This means that you should be committed to living a life a life of holiness and integrity before God and men. A large and diverse skill set is needed to plant a church, but if the level of your skills surpasses the level of your character then you will probably struggle to keep this commitment.

I am committed to Being connected with the EFCA

We are asking you be connected with the EFCA through meeting monthly with your church planting coach, regularly attending your monthly LEAD team meetings, and attending at least one Forest Lakes District conference per year.  

I am committed to the recommendations of my Assessment Team 

We are asking you to fulfill all the recommendations of your assessment team. The purpose of assessment teams is to help you succeed and flourish in your planting efforts so they will only be asking you to do things that are reasonable and helpful. 

I am committed to financially partnering with the Forest Lakes District and the EFCA

We are asking you to financially partner with the Forest Lakes District and the EFCA. In order to further the gospel through the mission of the church, we are asking your church to commit to giving at least 10% of your church’s budget (not including external support) as follows: 1% to EFCA, 2% to the Forest Lakes District, and the remaining 7% to church planting in general. The latter doesn’t need to be limited to church planting within the EFCA and it’s up to you to decide which church planting endeavors to support.