How Can My Elders & Staff Learn About Church Planting?

One of the frequently asked questions we receive from pastors in the Forest Lakes District is how can I help my elders and staff understand the value of church planting? In response to this question, below is a brief introduction for staff or elder teams to go through together to get their feet wet about this subject. We’ve also included discussion questions for each session which are written in such a way to help your group generate contextualized discussion as opposed to guiding your group to generalized answers.

Session #1

This first session utilizes Ed Stetzer’s sermon at the Desiring God Conference in 2011 called The Essential Strategy of Planting New Churches. The audio is 43 minutes so you can either listen to it together as a group or individually prior to your group’s meeting. There's plenty of information in this sermon so we’ve created an outline below for your group to follow along with while listening. Along with the outline there are also discussion questions for your group to discuss together. 

Session #1 Outline & Discussion Questions


This next session utilizes Timothy Keller’s article, Why Plant Churches? The article is only six pages and, depending on the learning styles & time limitations on your group, you are encouraged to either have your group individually read the article ahead of time or set aside 30 minutes at the outset of your meeting to read it out loud together. Discussion questions are included below.

Session #2 Article - Timothy Keller, Why Plant Churches

Session #2 Discussion Questions


This last session utilizes two audio clips which offer a wide variety of nuggets and practical insights about church planting. The first audio is a 20 minute panel discussion from the 2011 Desiring God Conference with Ed Stetzer, Jeff Vanderstelt, and Dave Harvey. The second audio is a 20 minute Acts 29 Network podcast with Brian Howard and Harvey Turner. Like session #1, you can either listen to it together as a group or individually prior to your group’s meeting. Discussion questions are included below. 

Session #3 Outline & Discussion Questions

Next Steps

If you and your team want to dive deeper into understanding the philosophy and details of church planting, please contact Scott Sterner and he’ll connect you with a series of video modules that we use to train church planters in the Forest Lakes District. Each video is 15-30 minutes in length and is taught by an experienced practitioner in church planting. The topics of the videos are the following: 

Module 1
The Secrets I’ve Learned From 30 Years of Church Planting by Ed Stetzer

Module 2
The 5 Things Every Church Planter Needs to Know by Ed Stetzer

Module 3
Church Planting Autopsies: Lessons from Failed Church Planters by Ed Stetzer

Module 4 
Why Plant Churches? by Ed Stetzer

Module 5 
Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Church Planter? by Ed Stetzer

Module 6 
Models for Church Planting by Daniel Im

Module 7 
Systems and Leadership Development For Your Church Plant by Mac Lake

Module 8 
Leadership Multiplication by Micah Fries

Module 9 
Church Planting and the Soul by Bill Wellons

Module 10
Contextualization, Fundraising and Facilities by Jeff Christopherson

Module 11 
Developing Your Core Group by Shawn Lovejoy

Module 12 
Thinking Like a Missionary by Linda Bergquist

Module 13 
Missional Living as a Church Planter by Jeff Vanderstelt

Module 14 
Making and Multiplying Disciples by Chris Railey

Module 15 
Church Planting Residencies by Bill Wellons

Module 16 
Becoming a Multiplying Church by Shawn Lovejoy

Module 17 
Planting and Leading a Multi-Ethnic Church by Derwin Gray

Module 18 
Your Next 6 Months by Ed Stetzer