Church governance is one of the most important issues facing churches in the 21st century. In the FLD, we desire to equip leaders and provide resources that aid in effective church leadership. The following articles have been found to be helpful to church leaders.

Church Structure and Leadership   Learn about what church leaders should be asking themselves and review principles that are consistent with good governance.

Learning About Governance   An article taken from Heaven Help Our Church! A Step By Step Guide For Christians In Troubled Churches written by Brian A. Thorstad, Next Step Resources, 2013.

Congregationalism  An excerpt taken from Evangelical Convictions Appendix Two.

Congregational Structure   A chart that demonstrates Authority, Accountability, and Responsibility Within the Congregational Structure.

Guiding Principles   Principles based on the FLD Mission Statement -  "We exist to glorify God by strengthening our member churches so that together we may multiply healthy churches among all people.” (Acts 15:41)

The Soccer Field  Review the chart to see boundaries for a church board, pastors, staff and volunteers.  (Adapted from a presentation by Knute Larson)

The Soccer Field Notes  Detailed notes outlining the responsibilities of church boards, pastors, staff and volunteers as well as providing clarification, principles, and guidelines using the "Soccer Field" approach.