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Brian Thorstad

I’m passionate about healthy churches. I was raised in Wisconsin in churches which didn’t challenge me to trust in Jesus as my Savior. Nobody suggested that the answers to my burning questions were in the Bibles I had been given by my church. So I went off to college as a clueless hippie kid: an “un-serious” student who was very serious about finding the answers to my heartfelt questions.

Fellow students told me that I could know God personally by entrusting the saving of my soul to Jesus Christ. After a fifteen-month struggle, I gave Jesus my trust, my heart and my life.

One year later I began attending a Bible-believing, Jesus-proclaiming church. I thought this congregation was wonderful until I saw it split in two before my wondering eyes! My passion for healthy churches which make disciples, resolve their issues effectively, are a joy to their attendees and give God glory, began right there, and it never stopped growing.

Brian & Donna

Brian & Donna

After thirty years of serving in churches – in several towns and in many capacities – God gave me and my wife Donna the opportunity to “hit the road” doing “redevelopment transitional pastorates.” That means temporary pastorates where the goal is the transformation of congregations from ill-health to health. God gave us fifteen years in this work: seven interim pastorates in three states. We are so happy and grateful for the way God used us and what He taught us along the way.

In the fall of 2018 it became my privilege to begin serving the Forest Lakes District as Church Leadership Catalyst, a new role for me and the district.

Brian Thorstad, FLD Church Leadership Catalyst

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Author of Heaven Help Our Church! and
Redevelopment: Transitional Pastoring That Transforms Churches

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