Other Ministries of our Church Leadership Catalyst

In addition to the TOOLS plan (see “Helping Pastors Become Effective Leaders”), I’m also privileged to help pastors and churches by connecting them with the knowledge and resources they need and assisting them with their problems and challenges.

  • I’m compiling a list of men and women within our district who are especially knowledgeable on subjects such as: church structure, elder training, conflict mediation, pastoral succession, and more.

  • I would love to match veteran pastors (in addition to our TOOLS group leaders) as coaches for other pastors. Contact me if you are interested in being or having a coach.

I am also available to preach and teach in our FLD churches.  I love to challenge churches to “storm the gates” (as in Matthew 16:18) and I have a lot of help to offer churches in transition and in trouble.  I would like to speak to every church which is in transition between pastors.

  • In addition, God has given me a number of “God-blessed” messages on handling the inevitable disappointments and struggles of life.

  • Along with my fellow FLD staff members, I am available to visit board and staff meetings to help with crucial decisions and issues.

  • I am available to do assessments of churches and am willing and able to tailor these assessments to the unique situations of the congregations.

  • Seminars (about 3.5 hours in length), which I present to church groups include:

    • “How To Get Your Life Focused And Your Act Together”

    • “The Essentials Of Leadership”

    • “Becoming A Peacemaker”

    • “Becoming Effective Elders”

    • “How To Recruit And Manage Volunteers”

You can participate in my work by supporting it with prayer and giving.

~Brian Thorstad, Church Leadership Catalyst (CLC),

Click to email Brian ~ 651.319.1953

Author of Heaven Help Our Church! and
Redevelopment: Transitional Pastoring That Transforms Churches