Credentialing Information

The credentialing process officially begins when a candidate submits their paper via mail or email to the FLD.  At that time, you will be contacted to choose which DBOMS council that you would like to attend.  Licensing papers must be received one-month prior to the council and ordination papers four-months prior.  This time-frame allows those on the council a chance to review your paper.  All communication and scheduling should be handled by Kim LoCaste at 

The links on this page will help answer questions you may have about being licensed or ordained with the EFCA.

The Board of Ministerial Standing has recently provided a number of revised documents as well as a few new ones. Therefore, please read overall materials carefully.

To obtain an EFCA Ministerial Association Application for Membership click:

For credentialing forms and information click on the appropriate packet below:


When submitting your paper always include a cover page and make sure your pages are numbered.  See example.  Click to review frequently asked questions

Credentialing Mentoring/Guidelines/Motions, etc:

Please contact the Forest Lakes District Office at 715.344.4288 or or the EFCA national office ( if you have further questions or concerns.