Eldership:  Although there may be many reasons we attend church and even are involved in leadership of the church, it may be that we just love God's church, God's people in the church, and it's purposes.  Mark Dever wrote in Elders in Congregational Life "The church is a reflection of God's Son.  That's why the leadership of the church is of utmost importance."

Role and Responsibilities of Elders   Scriptural passages regarding the roles and responsibilities of elders or overseers as well as Gene Getz's summary of the roles and responsibilities of elders taken from his book Elders and Leaders: God’s Plan for Leading the Church.

Elder Covenant   A covenant to be signed that lists the responsibilities, conduct and personal commitment involved when serving on a board. 

Elder Agenda   An agenda format that can be used when conducting/attending an elder board meeting.

Budget Priorities   An April 2014 study taken by Christianity Today - Church Law & Tax Group on Church Budget Priorities (2,200 Church Responses to Survey)

Successful Pastor   A successful pastor equals a successful church.  This article lists ways in which we make our pastor successful! 

Pastor Evaluation   It is so important to annually evaluate your senior pastor. The following evaluation serves a great tool.

Recommended Reading   Many great reads on this list.